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Doctor's Tips

Medical science has also given importance to the uses of snuff
 Doctors believe that it is useful in sinus.
It opens chocked nose.

Snuff is an effective medicine for the tooth ache.

If you apply snuff on the wound it will resist infection.

If you apply snuff paste on the stomach, you will feel relief of gas trouble.

Doctor’s advice to take snuff for refreshing your mind and getting sound sleep.


   It's the paradox that the male tobacco use in India is the same as in the rest of Asia. However, the risk for men of dying from a tobacco-related disease is less in India than the rest of Asia. Indian men/women smoke much less than in other countries but instead uses Snuff.


Know About us

The Original Shunmugam Snuff originated from a 160 year old snuff leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers company.

Presently among the leading Indian Snuff Exporters, The Original Shunmugam Snuff is dealing in the manufacturing of smokeless tobacco products, snuff tobacco, dry snuff tobacco, smokeless snuff tobacco and nasal snuff tobacco.

International Network

The products offered by us are highly demanded in the domestic as well as in international markets. With our wide distribution network, the Snuff tobacco is Export to China, Pakistan, Aribian Countries, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & it becomes easier for us to deliver all our orders within the stipulated time period.

Our Product

Our entire range of product is available in different brands name such as

    and more brands...

These products are suitable for people from all social classes ranging from landed gentry to the miner.


We have developed a vast infrastructure at around 15000sqfeet, well equipped with all requisite machines and tools to process our range of products. In addition to that, we also have a separate lab manned by well qualified professionals who test our products on various parameters.

Awards and Rewards

We received awards for No 1top brand snuff conducted by Snuff Association at
  • New Delhi
  • Mysore &
  • Chennai.

Board of Directors

Under the direction and strategic vision of
  • Partner Mrs. B.V . Sashi
  • Partner Mrs. S. Samanthakamani &
  • Managing Director Mr. S. Sukumar MA

& we have been able to reach the new heights of success. His ethical business policies and client centric approach has helped us to gain huge clientele across the globe.