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Management Commitment:

Original Shunmugam Snuff Co., top management is commited to:
  • Developing and improving the Quality Management System.
  • Constantly reviews and updates the QMS for better manufacturing processes.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Growth and development of our associates.

Quality Management System (QMS) Structure:
  • Our personnels understand the importance of our quality policy and therefore strictly follow the requirements.
  • The Quality policy is constantly reviewed from the bottom level and improvements are introduced.

Production requirements:

We have adopted the principles of 'Process Management' and are focused at building a trend of continuous improvement within our organisation with the aim of providing high quality snuff to fully satisfy the customer requirements. To achieve this, we:
  • Ensure that high quality tobacco leaves are used in all the snuff blends.
  • Use superior quality perfumes and menthol.
  • Closely monitor the manufacturing process.
  • Have introduced innovative and unrivaled packaging material.